Thursday, April 26, 2007


Desktop Widgets @ Widgipedia
Look no further for all those widgets that you need.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Boy With The Incredible Brain

Fantastic Video
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This is the breathtaking story of Daniel Tammet. A twenty-something with extraordinary mental abilities, Daniel is one of the world’s few savants. He can do calculations to 100 decimal places in his head, and learn a language in a week. This documentary follows Daniel as he travels to America to meet the scientists who are convinced he may hold the key to unlocking similar abilities in everyone. He also meets the world’s most famous savant, the man who inspired Dustin Hoffman’s character in the Oscar winning film ‘Rain Man’. (2005)  «
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Friday, April 20, 2007


Welcome to! The home of What's Running, your system information utility!

What's Running is a product that gives you an inside look into your Windows 2000/XP/2003 system.

Explore processes, services, modules, IP-connections, drivers and much more through a simple to use application. Find out important information such as what modules are involved in a specific process.

Control your system by starting and stopping services and processes. Configure your startup programs easily.

Start taking control of your computer

Monday, April 16, 2007

Opera 9.2 Web browser

Opera web browser: Homepage

Ready for a revolution in the way you access the Web sites you can't live without? Try Speed Dial in Opera's newest Web browser,Opera 9.2.

It makes the fastest even faster.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Google Maps Mashup

Google has launched a new feature in Google Maps: My Maps, a customizable map builder. It's just a great tool. It makes it very easy to create a customized map of a location, with place markings, paths, and areas marked off, as well as attached pictures and hyperlinks.My Maps can be viewed in Google Earth.

Mashups that overlay any kind of data on top of an online map are all the rage. But up until now I didn't know that even I, with no coding experience whatsoever, could make a customized map of my own. I did, and it took less than an hour. And it can even be found in the Google Maps index if I want it to.

Now that the feature is live, the Google maps site features a new "My Maps" tab next to the "Search Results" tab. Click on the "create new map" link and type in a title and description. The interface also gave you the choice of whether to keep the map private or make it public.

This is the mainstreaming of mashups,It's now possible for ordinary people who can use these tools to create maps to share.

Have a go its GREAT

Monday, April 09, 2007

New Google Talk

What's New on Google Talk?

Just launched!

Popout support and Flickr slideshows
You can now do more with the Google Talk Gadget. In addition to putting the gadget on your Google Personalized Homepage, you can now pop out the gadget into a separate, small window anytime. This way you can navigate to other websites and still keep your contact list and chats open. And just like running the gadget on your homepage, this way of using Google Talk is completely web-based, and requires no download. To pop the gadget out, just click on this button:

Launch Google Talk

If you have your own webpage or blog, you can also add a button to your site so your visitors can pop out the Google Talk Gadget when they visit your page.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Karaoke Software

Free MIDI and MP3 karaoke player

Turn your PC into an interactive karaoke machine with KaraFun free karaoke software for Windows. More than a karaoke player, KaraFun offers a complete solution for playing and creating your karaoke at home.

Fun and exciting, it plays nearly every karaoke file: KFN, KAR, CDG, KOK, LRC, AVI, MPEG... User-friendly, the KaraFun editor enables you to create, quickly and easily, your own karaoke songs from Audio and MIDI music files : MP3, OGG, KAR, MID...

Based on a powerful and evolutive 3D animation engine for animated lyrics and background, your karaoke party in full screen has every chance of being a success!

YOUR Street

Let the world know what you REALLY think about your street!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Justin.TV has ushered in the new era of reality television online. follows the life of entrepreneur Justin Kan as he goes about his daily activities in San Francisco. It’s live, it’s unedited, and it’s everywhere. Thanks to a wearable camera and some wireless technology, you can tag along with Justin wherever he goes - seriously. The quality of the video and audio is surprisingly good


  1. Justin wears the camera 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even in the bathroom. Even on a date.
  2. The man, Justin, with gear:

    (photo Rafe Needleman

  3. This is really live. Honest. Right now.
  4. Justin will wear the camera until the day he dies. By which we mean if he takes it off, we'll kill him.