Monday, January 31, 2005

Paint.NET v2.1 (FREE)

Paint.NET is image and photo manipulation software designed to be used on computers that run Windows XP or 2000. Paint.NET is jointly developed at Washington State University with additional help from Microsoft, and is meant to be a free replacement for the MS Paint software. The program offers a clean and easy to understand interface that includes all common editing tools, as well as clone stamp and various image effects. More advanced users will also appreciate the fact that Paint.NET supports layers with transparency and layer adjustments. Additional features include Red-Eye removal, image resizing, sharpening, multi-level Undo and more.

Disc Master 2

If you're looking for a straightforward CD and DVD burning program, you might consider Disc Master 2. Like many others of its type, the program lets you select the files you want to copy dragging them onto a panel. You can burn data and music tracks: for the latter, you can extract audio tracks as MP3, WMA, and WAV.

The program gives you the option of burning the files to your disc and later appending more tracks, if you so desire. Finally, you can create a mixed-mode CD that lets you store data and audio files in the same disc.

This product is free to keep indefinitely; the option to download it extends through February 28.

Windows Genuine Advantage Offers

Users of genuine Windows XP operating systems are invited to take advantage of the following special offers. Not sure if you are using genuine Windows? Select an offer below to find out! (If an ActiveX dialog box appears, please click Yes.)

Sunday, January 30, 2005


11view is a free, fast and easy image viewer with several unique features. It shows, prints and converts images with the highest possible quality.

Special features: loading-time interpolation makes any picture appear smooth and clear when stretched onto a full screen, color management corrects color and brightness distortions giving you the most realistic colors possible, gamma correction allows you to light-up dark images or darken too bright ones while viewing them.

Are Your Children Safe from Spyware?

 Internet Explorer storms of endless popup windows are a common symptom of spyware infestations.
If you have kids, then the computer they use -- which may also be the computer you use -- is vulnerable to infestation by spyware. Spyware preys on the behavior of children, and teens in particular, by parking itself in the programs they download and on the sites they visit. Peer-to-peer music-swapping software, free online games, screen savers, song-lyrics sites are prime destinations for kids and many of them can carry an unwanted payload that can melt down a machine. But by teaching your kids appropriate behaviors and habits, and using some protective software, you can go a long way toward preventing spyware from gaining a foothold on your system.

Safe Surfing

Your kids are being targeted by spyware and other Internet-based threats. What can you do to help them surf safely?

In the first installment of this series, we showed how various Web sites and software publishers target your children and teenagers with threats such as spyware and adware. Now let's look at what you can teach your kids about how to surf more safely in spite of the dangers. We'll highlight some of the danger signs that can provide a tip that something is amiss, and show how to respond in a way that can protect your kids and your computer.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Mercora P2P Music

Mercora is the largest music radio network in the world! We have combined peer-to-peer and internet streaming technologies to create the ultimate and legal music search and discovery service for you. With Mercora P2P Radio, you can search, find and legally listen to hundreds of genres and thousands of artists in near-CD quality sound. Join Mercora today and become a part of this growing community of music lovers legally sharing music with each other.
Mercora P2P Radio
REVIEW DATE: 01.26.05


PixGrabber is not just a handy image viewer but also a powerful tool for image archive managing. Images can be collected from various sources, including: Internet, Hard Drive, CDs, etc. Even more, Pixgrabber will guard you from annoying ads and allow you to avoid viewing the same pages recurrently. PixGrabber is able to:
# view images from Hard Drive and CDs

# search and download images from the Internet using several image-searching engines simultaneously

# download images from web sites using filters, URL-masks and level nesting

# gather images from visited pages in manual and auto modes

# search and delete duplicate images from database

# manage handy image archive with advanced search abilities

# work as bookmark manager, giving you possibility to comment pages you visit straight from browser window

# show pop up hints to the visited pages

# Block ads (banners) and unwanted pop ups

# do many other useful operations

Friday, January 28, 2005

The little crocodile that ate Germany

With thanks to TREPPWITZ (and others) for all the info

The hottest thing in German music right now is a little ditty sung by a 6-year-old girl about a crocodile.

Joy Gruttman's "Schnappi, Das Kleine Krokodil" (Snappy, the Little Crocodile) is the No. 1 song on the German charts. Her family posted the song on a Web site as a joke. But a radio station in Cologne, Germany, got hold of it and made it a hit.

Gruttman is the youngest recording artist ever to make it into the German Top 10, let alone No. 1. Her hilarious composition is beating out Kylie Minogue and Linkin Park, and is even appearing as remixes in dance clubs. English translation below / Play the music video (click the words "Das Schnappi-Video")

UPDATE: Here is a little more information as well as a servicable translation

1. The little girl was 6 when she recorded the song, not 4.

2. She didn't write it, her aunt (who is a professional children's song writer) wrote the words and composed the tune.

And now, here is the translation:

I am Schnappi, the little crocodile,
I live in Egypt, right next to the Nile,
first I lived in an egg,
but then shnapped my way free

Schni-schna-schnappi schnappi-schnappi-schnapp

I am Schnappi the little crocodile
have sharp teeth and mighty many of them
I shnap what's there to shnap
I shnap and am good at it

Schni-schna-schnappi schnappi-schnappi-schnapp

I am Schnappi the little crocodile
I love to shnap, that's my favourite play
I sneak up to mum
and show her how well I shnap

Schni-schna-schnappi schnappi-schnappi-schnapp

I am Schnappi the little crocodile
I'm never tired of shnapping
I shnap daddy's leg
and then just fall asleep

Schni-schna-schnappi schnappi-schnappi-schnapp

Further update
Fact is, this song has made it through the internet before it was discovered by the big media. The aunt of this girl [she is actually 9 and recorded the song when she was 6] actually writes childrens songs for one of Germany's best childrens tv show [Sendung mit der Maus], educationalwise. I don't say that this excuses a zillion Germans for making a childrens song not only #1 in the single charts for over a month now but also the hottes cell phone ring tone ever.

Jybe! - CoSurfing re-invented (FREE)

Jybe! - CoSurfing re-invented
Note--System Requirements:

Windows 2000 or later OS (for either Internet Explorer or Firefox) Internet Explorer 6.0+ or Firefox 1.0+ Linux and Mac OS compatible.

IMPORTANT: For IE, please make sure that your security settings allow plug-ins for Internet Explorer.

Jybe lets you browse the web in real-time with friends, family and business partners. Show off your favorite websites or give your customer a live tour of your product catalog.

Welcome to Inkjet Park

It isnt often that I advertise a site that is not FREE. However I make an exception with this one as I am one of their many satisfied customers. I do NOT think that you will find a better supplier.

Welcome to Inkjet Park. With our lowest priced cartridges starting at just £0.98p we cannot be beaten on price! Add that together with low cost shipping options and service, you won't find better...

Qnext :: Truly Connected

Qnext :: Truly Connected: "One powerful P2P software to communicate, share and interact with rich media with complete security and no restrictions on file size.

Universal Messenger
(Chat with friends on Yahoo, AIM, MSN & ICQ!)
Voice over IP
Video Conferencing
Unlimited File Transfer
File Sharing
Online Gaming
Group Text Chat
Advanced Photo Sharing
Remote PC Access"

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Try this site, Do you have any idea what they are doing with this? The odd thing is that it seems to work... at least a good part of the time! And there is simply no reason why it should. The results are too consistent to be random.

You have every right to ignore this, but my curiosity...TRY IT

PS--IF you realy want to know how it works (after trying it out first--PLEASE) Click HERE
Or better still just be astounded.

Maximum PC Minimum BS

Maximum PC Minimum BS, is the online version of the magazine of the same name. It has as it's intended audience people who are interested in more than just a computer box. It is for those who are interested in looking under the hood, seeing what is there, and possibly playing around with it. Each issue is themed to a certain topic (currently it is operating systems), and features in-depth articles on that topic. But they are always reviewing the latest hardware, from video cards to motherboards to cases. There are articles on building computers from scratch (both budget boxes as well as high end gaming machines), replacing components (both how to and the advantages gained by doing so), and how align them once they are installed. There are excellent How-to guides, product reviews, and (an online exclusive) a message board. One nice feature in the magazine is the Watch Dog section, where readers can ask for help with stubborn vendors and sellers in resolving issues.

Unlock the Artist in You with NVIDIA and DAZ|Studio (FREE)

Unlock the Artist in You with NVIDIA and DAZ|Studio
Have you always wanted to get into 3D or digital art, but were too intimidated? DAZ|Studio is a free software application that allows you to create stunning digital imagery at no cost whatsoever. Created by DAZ Productions, DAZ|Studio allows you to import people, animals, vehicles, buildings, props, and other digital accessories to create beautiful scenes - all in 3D!

With the rendering power of an NVIDIA graphics processing unit (GPU), you can create near-final render results instantly. Available for free download today, DAZ|Studio is a premier 3D application capable of taking full advantage of your NVIDIA GPU.
Download DAZ|Studio for free today!

DAZ|Studio includes:

Two pre-configured scenes ready for you to "Load & Render" within DAZ|Studio. Just double-click on the scene thumbnails inside of DAZ|Studio, and everything will come on screen posed, lit, and ready for you to create a stunning digital image. This free download also includes clothing, hair, props, a complete 360 degree photo-realistic environment, and and DAZ's most popular 3D character, "Victoria." It's everything you need to get started in 3D!
Click here to view a sample scene render from DAZ|Studio using the included content.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Big Bang enterprises [english]
If you have a partitioned hard drive, you may be wasting precious disk space harboring the same files in different areas. DoubleKiller hunts across single or multiple partitions and folders for identical files. It skips over files with important extensions like .dll, but it scans other files for duplicates. It checks the files' names, sizes, dates, and CRC32-checksums to see if any of them mirror one another. Once DoubleKiller locates the duplicates, it shows you a list of all of them so you can decide which ones to keep and which ones to delete or move.

Price: Free


This is not only completly hilarious but really really clever. A must see.
Checked with my anti virus software and good to download.

Police launch website to protect kids online

Police have launched a website intended to make it safer for children to surf the internet.

The website is part of an international effort to crack down on paedophiles who stalk the net. provides information on how to use the internet safely and contains links to support agencies such as the NSPCC and Childline. Detectives hope its logo - a blue matchstick child and an eye - will become universally recognisable.

The logo is featured on the internet launch site of Microsoft, AOL, BTopenworld and Vodafone.

The system puts an icon on people's screens to let them know of the police presence. The police will engage with other users on the web - making it clear they are officers.

Jim Gamble, deputy director of the National Crime Squad, said: "This is not Big Brother, no one is monitoring you, this is providing you with the safety information and support you need."

He added: "Those who use the internet to search for and share images of child abuse or to approach children in chat rooms to groom them for sexual abuse must be aware that the internet is not an anonymous place."

Childrens Section

Find out what your neighbours paid for their houses. Or what I paid for mine if your THAT sad.
Access to the latest house prices for England, Scotland and Wales provided under licence from Land Registry and Registers of Scotland.
Please note the requirement to register is being removed within the next 48 hours. You may try register if you wish but it might be easier to come back in a day or two when you won't have to!
Currently house prices are only visible once you register.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Google Video Search

Google Video Search
Another Google Beta Program. Search for Video

The Best of Hubble

The Best of Hubble
A very cool flash animation showing off the best pictures from the Hubble. It has a sound track that is rather loud, so turn your speakers down. Awesome pictures.


Powerful Open Source Web Editor (IDE)
Got Dreamweaver envy? Go on, admit it. Macromedia Dreamweaver (and Adobe GoLive, among others) is a powerful tool that can help make Web design an enjoyable, creative experience, rather than a menial coding headache. But if you are a Linux developer, or if you simply couldn't afford expensive software, you were out in the cold... until now.

Even Dreamweaver users may want to stop and take a look at Nvu, a free, open source Web design environment with Mozilla's Gecko rendering engine at the heart of its WYSIWYG HTML editor.

Nvu runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and even though this is only the second beta release of the software, it's already got a solid feature set, including:

* multiple file editing with tabs
* multiple views per file: HTML, tags, WYSIWYG, and Preview
* strong CSS support
* site file management with integrated FTP
* on-the-fly spell checking

Power users may miss a few features of the commercial packages, like Secure FTP (Blane suggests a work-around in his blog entry), pop-up code hints, server-side coding, and testing servers. But if the momentum of this project is maintained I expect all that and more will eventually be added.


Part of what made Newsgator so successful was the fact that it integrated with MS Outlook. While I personally find the app to be overly bloated, it does make it super easy to import RSS and OPML goodies into a user’s PIM with little effort. Now that PIM integration has been addressed, this brings us to the need for something of the like for all of us who want this sort of functionality from within our Web browsers.

Enter Lektora. Designed to be not only easy to use, but browser friendly as well, this could become the application that will begin to drag more of the mainstream into RSS usage kicking and screaming. The fact is that you will not likely get the mainstream to jump on board RSS without integrating it into either a user’s browser or even their email client. This is nothing new and THIS program does them both.

Lektora is completely integrated in both Firefox and Internet Explorer. It also offers an intuitive user interface and highly polished aesthetic. You can now read your news in the Internet tool you use the most: your browser.

Reading feeds is made easy with Lektora, which presents feeds in a familiar journal approach, very similar to reading a newspaper. Less clicking, more efficient reading.

I have loaded this program onto my computer and it works without any problems at all.

Picasa: Photo management software, free from Google. Find, edit, share photos.(Latest Version)

Picasa: Photo management software, free from Google. Find, edit, share photos.
Anyone fearing Google's acquisition of Picasa would have any negative impact on the application can rest easy. The latest version just arrived and it's awesome! All the photo organization features still work just as well as they did in the last version, without annoying picasa.ini files popping up everywhere on your system. Slideshow creation is a slick new feature, which makes for a nice presentation tool when coupled with built in CD and DVD burning. Blogger is now fully integrated, making posting to a photo blog seamless. Movie generation outputs MPEG-4, DivX, or uncompressed AVI footage from any collection of photos. If there was a way to sync with my mobile phone, this might be the perfect photo management app, without cell phone support it still comes darn close.
Dude, Picasa just keeps getting better and better...
Picasa organizes your entire collection. Move and re-name pictures. Use labels to group photos. Add ratings. Add one picture in multiple albums without duplicating the picture on your hard drive. Add passwords to any photo collection. Edit with crop, red eye removal, contrast and color correction, and enhancement. 12 visual effects improve your photos. Write captions for images. Add Zoom, Pan, and Tilt to photos. Create slideshows, burn backups.
Do not pass Go. Download Picasa immediately.

Ares P2P File Sharing

Ares Lite Edition
The lite edition has been tuned to obtain low CPU usage and small memory footprint while keeping all the basic features of Ares (Library-Search-Transfer-Chat). Recommended to Windows98 and WindowsME users.

Ares Regular Edition
The regular edition features a tabbed web-browser, audio/video player with playlist support and the ability to host chatrooms with your computer. Recommended to WindowsXP and Windows2000 users

Monday, January 24, 2005

Webshots - Photo Sharing, Free Wallpaper and Free Screensavers

Webshots - Photo Sharing, Free Wallpaper and Free Screensavers
For those of you who have never used Webshots, it offers high-class pictures one can download and use as desktops or incorporate in a screensaver. But you can also upload your own pictures to share in communities. For instance, I have found several bird pictures to add to my illustrated life list of birds on Webshots. I might have found more professional ones elsewhere, but the immediacy of amateur photography combined with the inferred joy that another bird enthusiast must have felt in getting that special shot is appealing to me.

YouSendIt | Email large files quickly, securely, and easily!

Have you ever tried to send one of your friends an audio or video file only to have it bounced back as being undeliverable? Sure, most of us have. Most e-mail providers impose limits on the message size that they will allow. If your attachment exceeds the limit that is acceptable, you'll get the message delivered right back to your Inbox. This is obviously frustrating, but there are ways around it.
YouSendIt | Email large files quickly, securely, and easily!

Snowbird 2.0

Madhavan's Software Page
By giving the program a location to search in and a query to look for, it will go straight to work. It'll take some time if you're searching through entire drives, but if you're patient, a beautiful HTML results window will pop up in your browser. What's great about this is that you can save the file for later reference. All of the results are categorized under identifying columns, such as: documents, pictures, programs, and so on. Exact and close matches are listed first, and the direct path to the file is given. If the program finds items like photos that contain the search query, you'll see them listed alongside the results. Besides basic filename searching, Snowbird Search can also look inside files. For example, it found an HTML file in the dark recesses of my drive that contained a string of text that matched what I searched for. This is one impressive tool, and that fact is amplified when you consider the age of the creator. Keep shooting for the stars, man. is the powerful and easy-to-use audio (and video!) publishing service that puts your voice in your weblog or online journal.

What's an audioblog sound like? Take it for a spin:

* Record over the Web user BlogRecorder™
* Supports popular weblog services and tools
* Add and configure multiple weblogs
* Moblog by phone (up to 60 minutes)
* Upload an MP3 or WAV file
* Organize your audioblogs with playlists
* Customize your player's style and color

Net Snippets

THIS is a GREAT program. I would not be without it.

“As a teacher, you try to instill in your students the value of careful documentation of research paths and sources, and the need to consider and compare multiple sources but the minute you send them to the web, they're likely to flit around from source to source, perhaps book-marking or printing pages. At the end of this process, it's just one big mass of information that is still hard to sort out. Net Snippets lets you pull out the key information from each source and set it up in manageable excerpts that are easy to catalog and sort through, and that are automatically referenced. It's surprising that nothing like this has appeared until now. My students jumped on the first weekend after I showed it to them.” Charles R. Hadlock, PhD, Trustee Professor of Technology and Decision Making Policy, Bentley College.
A site that houses a free library of the older, simpler, smaller, less-aggressive versions of many popular programs, letting you grab and install the version of your choice.

Note that software vendors sometimes add features to new versions of their authoring software that are incompatible with older viewers. Sometimes, this is for a good reason. But sometimes, it's just to get you to *have* to install the new viewer with whatever extra baggage it carries.

Still, in many cases, the stuff on here will work just fine--- or at least, well enough!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

MSN Web Messenger Online

MSN Web Messenger lets you talk online and in real-time with friends and family using just a web browser! Use it on any shared computer - at school, at work, at a friend's house or anywhere you can't install the MSN Messenger software.

Media Catalog Studio

As digital music and movie collections grow, keeping track of the details of the collection becomes a Herculean task. It becomes hard to discover at-a-glance what format a particular audio or video file might be encoded in. Playlists can grow unmanageable with a way to easily find the ones associated with each of the player applications installed on your machine. Keeping a list of what you have on each drive isn't realistic without software to manage all those media files. Knowing what bitrate various songs and movies are encoded helps decide which version is the one to save or dump, but keeping track becomes a hassle. One of the most common problems is the inevitable creep of duplicate files that find their way into folders you don't even remember creating. Media Catalog Studio handles all this information overload with ease, providing color-coded reference to each media file type on your system. Detailed graphical reports of file types, encoding, year of release, frequency, albums, artists and genres offer a quick snapshot of your entire digital entertainment collection. This free version of the software is functional for tracking music and movies on up to 5 different drives, which is enough for most users.DOWNLOAD

Ashampoo Media Player 2.03 -

Ashampoo Media Player 2.03 - "This player supports more than 40 video and audio file formats, from the well-known to the more obscure. Popular formats include MP3, OGG, WMA, AVI, MPEG and QT, whilst support for the less well known formats includes IT, WAX and UMX.

Adopting a circular style sets this player apart from others, and it features all the usual functions you'd expect. Play tracks in random order, set up playlists, and alter the sound via the 10-band equaliser."

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Apple - iTunes

Apple - iTunes: "Setting a new milestone for the online music business, the iTunes Music Store has sold more than 200 million songs, providing music fans with the best digital experience on Mac or PC. Now iTunes offers even more ways to discover and enjoy music."

Photo Sorter - Freeware digital photo organizer

Photo Sorter - Freeware digital photo organizer: "An incredibly useful freeware program for users of digital cameras.

Photo Sorter allows you to rename your camera images quickly and efficiently, with meaningful names, rather than the default names given by your camera.

Users of Windows will appreciate how difficult it can be to rename a large archive of pictures.

Photo Sorter is a free organizer for digital images."

Friday, January 21, 2005

AVG Antivirus 7.3 (Free Edition)

THIS is the Program that I have used on my PC for the last couple of years and it does EVERYTHING (and more) that it states on the tin

The word 'free' often equates to an inferior product but, in this case, there is no doubt that this is a professional product.

Split into three sections and a Control Centre, AVG Anti-virus protects against viruses in a number of key areas. The Resident Shield works in the background and checks all files and file types (including floppy disk, CD content etc.) for viruses; whilst the Email Scanner works with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook.

The Boot-up Scanner operates at start-up, and checks the most important areas of a PC before you begin to use it. Every aspect of AVG's virus protection can be configured using the Control Centre, which allows you to modify a number of program settings and to schedule scans, among other things.

When installing there's an option to create a rescue disk for use should any of your key system files become infected. All crucial areas and files on a PC are backed up, and can be restored from this disk.

Note: This download is only valid for private, non-commercial, single home computer use.

Tweak UI v1.33

Free yourself from the tyranny of ordinary Windows with this extra set of tools (also called PowerToys) created by Microsoft developers. Adjust menu speed and window animation. Move the StartUp folder up the Explorer hierachy, or move the My Documents folder to another drive. If you get the "No Help topic is associated with this item" message when you access the help menu, Tweak UI may have answers. The tool set also offers quick fixes for adding and removing items to your right-click New menu. And you may get a second chance at recovering lost uninstall options (but only if you've installed the program while the original uninstall list in Control Panel is intact).

Note: Because these tools are not part of Windows, they are not supported by Microsoft, and Microsoft's technical support team is unable to answer any questions about them.

Windows XP users should click the TweakUiPowertoySetup.exe link.

# Download tweakui133.exe
# Download TweakUiPowertoySetup.exe

Apple - QuickTime - Download

Apple - QuickTime - Download
Apple's multimedia player has long been among the most versatile such devices, for Windows users as well as Mac aficionados. Since it supports over 200 audio and video formats, you're likely to experience a minimum of hassle in playing any file you come across.

Two attractive features in this most recent version stand out: Instant-On gives you immediate playback to files, and Instant Access lets you use a time slider to jump through a movie. The program also includes skip protection (to prevent interruptions in streaming media), a redesigned interface, and support for other recent codes.

QuickTime lets you experience streaming music, full-motion video, and 360-degree scenes. The plug-in, which is part of the main installation, can run inside Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator/Communicator, and America Online. You can optimize your connection speed options for DSL or cable modem, and you can use skins to change QuickTime's appearance.

This version features 3GPP: a new MPEG-4-based standard for the creation, delivery, and playback of multimedia over new, high-speed wireless networks.

The player is free, but if you want to encode files or change formats, you'll have to upgrade to the professional version, QuickTime Pro, which costs $30.

The link will take you to Apple's site, where you must register before downloading the free file.

YouSendIt | Email large files quickly, securely, and easily!

YouSendIt | Email large files quickly, securely, and easily!
Have you ever tried to send one of your friends an audio or video file only to have it bounced back as being undeliverable? Sure, most of us have. Most e-mail providers impose limits on the message size that they will allow. If your attachment exceeds the limit that is acceptable, you’ll get the message delivered right back to your Inbox. This is obviously frustrating, but there are ways around it. Some of the savvier computer users will upload the file to a server location that they may have access to. This in turn provides easy access to the file from the Web. However, what do you do if this isn’t an easily accessible option for you? It’s simple - just use YouSendIt.
With this service, you can send files up to 1GB in size to multiple recipients. You heard me right - 1GB. All you need to do is type in the desired recipients, select the proper file, and you then have the option to type in your e-mail address and a message before sending it. Your file will then be uploaded to the YouSendIt servers, and an e-mail link to the file will be sent to the people that you desire. This process gets around the whole size limitation ordeal. The files won't stay there forever - your recipients have seven days to download the file before it's deleted off of the server. You can choose to transfer the files normally or securely, and YouSendIt takes security precautions even further by scanning all files for viruses.

Thursday, January 20, 2005 - Worldwide Travel Guide - Worldwide Travel Guide
excitement of traveling is truly a wonderful thing. Some love it more than others, but the memories that you make will last a lifetime. The idea of spontaneously jumping on a plane to a foreign location and staying there for an extended period of time sounds like a blast, but you may find that knowing very little about the location can inhibit your trip. Reading travel books will help somewhat, but they don’t always go into real travelers’ experiences. The best source of travel guidance is people who have already been there and lived it. To learn from other people’s successes and mistakes, visit Virtual Tourist.

The community behind this service is fantastic. Each member receives their very own personalized page where they can talk openly about areas in which they live or have visited. Besides reviews and tips, you'll also notice pictures on many pages that will help you experience the area from the safety of your home office. If there's anything that you're curious about before you make your trip, don't hesitate to ask. It's a safe bet that someone on the site can give you solid advice on the issue. In addition to this, you can also find hotel and flight information here. Pack your bags - it's time to go.

Dynamic Drive DHTML(dynamic html) & JavaScript code library!

Dynamic Drive DHTML(dynamic html) & JavaScript code library!
relatively new to Web programming, then you’re probably just getting a handle on how HTML works. HTML is a great foundation that allows you to construct your pages, but if you want to create attractive looking effects and menus, the standard falls flat on its face. Flash may require too much of a time investment for you to handle, but one quick and easy way to add some great looking effects is through Dynamic HTML (DHTML). By adding just a couple of these DHTML scripts, you can spice up a drab Web site in just a few minutes. To get a bunch of free scripts to play around with, just visit Dynamic Drive.

I've used this site repeatedly in the past, and I'm sure you'll find it to be useful, too. Several script categories are available to browse through, with topics ranging from image slideshows to document effects. One of the great things about this site is that you get a preview of what the code does right within your own browser window. If you like what you see, just copy the code and paste it into the proper area of your Web page. Many of the scripts have specific instructions that you'll need to follow, but it's nothing that will make you break a sweat. Adding some pizzazz to your site is made easy with Dynamic Drive.

Keyhole (From GOOGLE)


If you like Google products like the last entry then why not try this one too. Please note that it requires a newish computer with a 3D graphics card.
"Fly from space to your home town. Visit exotic
locales such as Maui, Tokyo, Rome and Paris.
Satellite imagery makes it real. Explore restaurants,
hotels, parks and schools. Think magic carpet ride!"

AND if your STILL not convinced read this

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


GNUWin II is a free software compilation for Windows. You will find three main features on it :

* Software
GNUWin II includes numerous programs, completely free, which cover a wide spectrum of uses. The complete application list, sorted by type, is available here.

The software included in GNUWin is not shareware nor freeware, but original free software and Open Source software, for which the source code is available, and that is and will always be free (free both as in "free speech", and as in "free beer").

Most programs included in this CD are also available for free and Open Source operating systems, such as GNU/Linux, BSD, etc.

Virtual Victorians contains Victorian artefacts, objects, news, photographs, presented in an innovative, exciting way for schools, parents and those i

Virtual Victorians contains Victorian artefacts, objects, news, photographs, presented in an innovative, exciting way for schools, parents and those interested in the Victorian era
A Day in the Life Of explores the themes of childhood, education, housing, domestic life, transport, leisure, factory working life and agricultural life by following the daily lives of Elizabeth and John Poslett, two Victorian Tiverton factory workers, across one week in September 1874.
Very interesting site

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Streamload - Share Videos and Photos - Online MP3 Access

Streamload - Share Videos and Photos - Online MP3 Access
A company called Streamload is offering consumers a free 10 gigabyte online storage locker for multimedia files,
Yahoo and America Online.

Streamload typically provides online storage space for a price, making it one of the few companies to survive in that business through the dot-com shakeout. However, it is increasingly competing with larger companies that offer online homes for digital photographs, and even the huge archive space provided by Google's Gmail service.

Company executives say the offer of big online storage lockers, once used only by advanced computer users, is now more relevant to a broader public that has large collections of digital photographs and MP3 files.

"It seems to have come to appeal not only to the hard-core early adopters, but to mainstream users," Streamload CEO Steve Iverson said. "It's no longer a novelty to have an MP3 player, and even having a place online to store MP3 files so you can fill up your iPod on the road has become more common."

Iverson's argument illustrates one side of a race between falling prices for data storage, such as computer hard drives, and the increasing ease of storing data on a network.

Some computer experts have argued that when all devices are connected to the Net, storing data locally will be unnecessary. Others note that cheap hard drives that are expanding to hold hundreds of gigabytes mean that it will be more efficient to store data locally whenever possible.

Streamload's service does allow its customers to share files stored on the system, much as Yahoo Photos allows subscribers to provide access to photographs to friends. In the past, this has led to online storage lockers being used to hold and distribute pirated music, movies and software, but Iverson said his company had guards in place against this.

People who sign up for the free 10GB service can only download 100MB a month and can only upload files of 100MB at a time. Customers who pay about $10 a month have much looser restrictions.

The free offer will go into effect Monday, the company said.

Computer Stupidities

Computer Stupidities: "'On two occasions, I have been asked [by members of Parliament], 'Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?' I am not able to rightly apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question.'
-- Charles Babbage (1791-1871)"
Have you ever done anything stupid with your computer? Well, you'll be relieved to discover that you aren't the only one -- and it's likely that someone else has done something even more stupid. This site has all sorts of stories about the stupid things people do with their computers. Check it out.

Home - Ciphire Labs

Home - Ciphire Labs: "Ciphire Mail is the world's most powerful email security tool and requires no learning. It works smoothly with your regular email client. Just download, install, and forget."

Monday, January 17, 2005

Five Free Web Design Tools You Can't Live Without

OK you can but why would you?

Ok, so you shelled out $US400 for DreamWeaver. Your latest PhotoShop upgrade was another US$170, and Illustrator cost about the same. Your pockets are a lot lighter than they ought to be, but all you have is the bare essentials.

Never fear! We've got 5 powerful tools that will smooth your development without costing you a single penny (unless you choose otherwise).


Powerbullet is a small, simple program for creating presentations in the Flash™ format. You don't need any experience to create slick animated presentations by typing, clicking and dragging.

Powerbullet Presenter is specifically designed for creating multi-page presentations that are commonly used in electronic sales brochures and catalogues, splash screens, slideshows and student projects.

You can also create a self-running show, specifying delays on each page, or you can link the timing to the sound attached to each page.

Your presentations can be exported as an HTML page with an embedded SWF (Flash) file or as an executeable file which you can run on any Windows PC.

Saturday, January 15, 2005


Nonags is the safest place on the Internet to download free software from. Before we list anything here we check for viruses, trojans, spyware etc. And even if we find something clean, it still has to pass our special "cheesetest" which for obvious reasons we do not publish exact specs. NonagsPlus is even safer, downloads are from our server and files can't be switched after we list them. Sure all this means a lot of work for us, but it's what brings our visitors back for years... and that's how we like it.

FolderBox 1.20

Enhance your Windows- and Internet Explorer!

FolderBox displays additional folders in the lower part of Explorer, which enables your to display the contents of two folders at once.
You can set-up and configure up to five FolderBoxes over the tab sheets of the FolderBox extension. Additional drives and
folders are now just a mouse click away.

NoNags 6 Ducks Award
HIGHEST rating!
You can even use FolderBox inside Internet Explorer!

Get it! Enjoy it! It's free for use at home!

Click here to watch a fully self running online demo.

FolderBox - Self running demo

Friday, January 14, 2005


You may have visited this site before, but for those of you who haven't, you're in for an interesting experience. You can quickly check out images of famous places all over the USA, or you can type in another address that you'd like to see. This isn't live imagery, so it won't do you any good to run outside and wave at the sky - unless you want to freak out your neighbors. Also, the images are a little old, but it's still crazy to be able to see where you live from space. I could easily make out my street and surrounding landmarks from the picture that TerraServer provided. Once you see the image, you can zoom in and out, as well as navigate around by using a compass like control. Smile - you're on satellite camera.

UltraShredder. - Dedicated to being massive directory of freeware
Our data is very precious to us. We take steps to protect sensitive files from prying eyes. When we delete our old files, we sometimes get into the habit of thinking that they are gone forever. This isn’t always the case. Anyone who has the right software and knows what they’re doing can potentially uncover some stuff that we thought was truly erased from the drive. Some are more concerned about this than others, but if you’re into taking security precautions, check out UltraShredder.

The name of this program brings to mind the device known as a paper shredder. This tool is useful for destroying print documents, but when it comes to the digital realm, a program like UltraShredder is a good start. By simply selecting a file to shred, the program overwrites it 199 times with random characters, saves it to disk each time, and then finally erases the program by bypassing the Recycle Bin. This process severely disables anyone from seeing even a minute amount of useful information where the file used to be. A simple, no-nonsense interface tops the program off. Nice.

[204K] [Win9x/2k/XP] [FREE]

Webshots - Photo Sharing, Free Wallpaper and Free Screensavers

Webshots - Photo Sharing, Free Wallpaper and Free Screensavers: " Gallery
Collect professional photos of sunsets, wildlife, travel, & more for your desktop wallpaper & screensaver."

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Welcome to Grouper

Welcome to Grouper
Grouper is a new Windows based application that allows users to share their personal media within private groups. Grouper uses P2P technology connecting you directly to your friends’ hard drives where you can share large files in a safe, encrypted environment. Grouper is a simple install and requires no firewall reconfiguration.

Grouper uses the latest in Microsoft technology (.NET and Windows Media Player 9) supported only on XP and 2000. We fully intend to add new operating systems in the near future.
PLEASE NOTE I have not tested this program as I do not run windows XP but from what I can see it looks good.
What is Grouper

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Free web photo album software

This photo gallery software makes web albums of your digital images. JAlbum aims to be the easiest to use and most powerful tool in this category - and free!

JAlbum runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and others and speaks 18 languages. Today JAlbum is mentioned over 1.800.000 times on the Internet (Google/Altavista) and this site has over 5000 visitors per day and a live community. I hope you find it your tool of choice for sharing images.

JAlbum is written after numerous disappointments with existing photo gallery software. With JAlbum you have full control of the look of the generated album, not just color theme and basic layout, still making an album is just a matter of drag and drop + a button click if you prefer to use one of the many existing looks. JAlbum will process your images, make index pages and slide show pages and even upload the final album to the Internet for your friends to see. No extra software is needed to view the albums, -just your web browser. Unlike "server side" album scripts, JAlbum albums can be served from a plain web server without scripting support. You can also share your albums on CD-ROM.

Sony 101 - Home

Sony 101 - Home
We recently upgraded Sony Digital University, and renamed the program Sony 101. Covering more topics and offering more courses to choose from, Sony 101 is better than ever. Come check out our new and expanded course selection with topics including:

* Personal Computing
* Digital Imaging
* Home and Personal Entertainment

With ten new courses every month, we're sure to offer one of interest to you. January courses just started -- there's still time to enroll


Videoconferencing can make you feel like you're in a badly dubbed movie. SightSpeed reduces latency so you don't see jerky images with amateurish lip syncing. SightSpeed's software is free. Receiving video from the video messenger is also free, as is unlimited VoIP calling. To send more than 15 minutes of video per day or to host multiparty calls, you must subscribe to the monthly service. SightSpeed offers three levels of paid service as well as a free plan.

This version introduces video messages (the video equivalent of voice mail) and video mail (which you can send to as many recipients as you like). The new premium feature, multiparty calling, gives you a video call with up to three other people.

Version: 3.0 Requirements


Some people surf in silence because their media player is too distracting. FoxyTunes lets you escape this sad fate by accessing your media player from within Mozilla Firefox. This slender plug-in appears at the bottom of your Firefox window, leaving your precious browser space untouched.

FoxyTunes supports most popular music players and several obscure ones. Supported players include Apollo 37, Foobar, ITunes 4, JetAudio 6, Musicmatch Jukebox, Quintessential Player, Sonique, Winamp, and Windows Media Player.

Version: 1.0
Price: Free

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

3d Traceroute

3d Traceroute
Today I am going to show you a software program that not only gives you a truly pleasing visual display of any selected traceroute, but also provides you with all of the traceroute tools and a great number of the security specialist features that one might need to have at his disposal. Enter the world of 3d Traceroute: A software program certain to keep security specialists and sys-admins working happily well into the night.

Features, features, features:

Between you and me, 3d Traceroute's simply got it all. I dare anyone to stand before me and deny finding the traceroute tools that he or she needs within the parameters of this program. Having said that, let's really take a look at what features this program has and what they can do for you, shall we?

* 3d Traceroute's display offers multiple graphics modification options. Don't rely on some spooky-looking line of text to tell you about the target; visualize it with a full color, live map of what is actually taking place.
* You can WHOIS query to everything with one click. Instead of having to bounce from site to site, use the built-in WHOIS query tool to get the information that you need about a particular site or domain.
* There's a history window with destination ping time. Don't feel like playing with the photographic memory today? Then let the history window guide you through the path with the destination ping time of a target.
* Record and play back: record any trace and play back step by step. It is like having a live traceroute connected to a VCR! You have the ability to play and stop every part of the traceroute. This is beyond helpful when trying to spot the problem areas of a ping during a trace.
* The browser? It's already built in!
* The port scanner identifies 3,612 well-known ports. Definitely an admin's favorite! Having the abilty right there in the same program to scan for open ports will help you find weak areas that might need to be blocked on a target. Remember, unnecessary open ports are an easy target for the enemy!
* IP-Range-Scanner (scan from start-IP to end-IP): Before you can port scan a PC on a specific network, it helps to have a target first. This is where a reliable IP-Range-Scanner comes in handy. See what is really out there, even if you are not sure what the exact IP address is. Once a scan is completed, you will have a complete list of candidates to choose from.
* Analyze e-mail headers against RBLs. Into tracking down spammers? If you know what you are doing, this can be a real help.
* Connection viewer / TCP, IP, UDP, etc. statistics. When it's all said and done, it is just nice to know what protocols are being used where and how often. Thanks to the connection viewer, this is super easy to monitor.

There are a ton of other features built into this program as well, but I wanted to highlight the ones that would really matter to you. Folks, the bottom line is this: Whether you are a security expert or just a sys-admin trying to keep his/her network from falling into The Dark Side of things, having this program in your bag of tricks is going to save you a lot of running around and, more important, keep you in control.
Lockergnome's Windows Fanat

Saturday, January 08, 2005

11view: The highest-quality free image viewer

11view: The highest-quality free image viewerInformation:
This image viewer and convertor shows, prints and converts images with the highest possible quality. Loading-time interpolation makes any picture appear smooth and clear when stretched onto a full screen. Display calibration corrects color and brightness distortions caused by your monitor giving you the most realistic colors possible. Gamma correction allows you to light-up dark photos or darken too bright ones while viewing them.

OurPictures - digital photos, simple as a smile

OurPictures - digital photos, simple as a smile
Welcome to OurPictures! Organizing, sharing and printing your digital photos can be as simple as a smile - and just as rewarding. You're only a couple of steps away from sharing and printing your favorite digital pictures.

First, download OurPictures Starter Edition to your computer, so the program will always be on your desktop for easy access when you need it.

Next, move your photos from your camera, a disc, or your computer, and arrange them in albums.

Then you can rotate, crop, and touch-up your photos so they are ready to share and print. It's simple and it's fun!


dropload: "Dropload is a place for you to drop your files off and have them picked up by someone else at a later time. Recipients you specify are sent an email with instructions on how to download the file. Files are removed from the system after 7 days, regardless if they have been picked up or not. You can upload any type of file, mp3, movies, docs, pdfs, up to 100MB each! Recipients can be anyone with an email address"

Timer Wizard - freeware alarm eggtimer software for windows

Timer Wizard - freeware alarm eggtimer software for windows: "Timer Wizard "
Instructions for use
After installing, timer wizard will automaticaly place itself into your system tray every time you boot up your PC.

Timer Wizard rests quietly in your system tray until either an alarm goes off or you want to set a new alarm.

Friday, January 07, 2005

SnapFiles - download freeware and shareware software programs.

SnapFiles - download freeware and shareware software programs.
I am impressed with They test all programs before listing them, and write their OWN reviews. During their tests, a screen shot is made from THEIR computer and displayed for your benefit. SnapFiles has NO annoying popup ads, and they still list freeware programs for free!

Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) Home

Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) Home
Microsoft has unveiled two newly developed tools designed to combat spyware and viruses, both acquired as a result of takeovers.

The first beta of Windows AntiSpyware is now available for download from Microsoft's website here. It is built using software designed by spyware company Giant, which Microsoft acquired in December last year.

A crucial part of Windows AntiSpyware will be SpyNet, a network of PC users around the world that reports on spyware that needs to be blocked. The network was set up by Giant and Microsoft and is calling for members worldwide to join free of charge.

Microsoft will also release a tool that eliminates common viruses. It is designed to augment rather than replace traditional antivirus systems and is based on GeCAD technology, a Romanian antivirus company Microsoft bought in 2003.

The antivirus software will be available for download from 11 January and will be updated with fresh virus definitions on the second Tuesday of the month.

"Customers have told us that they need solutions that make it easier to keep computers protected from emerging and ever-changing threats," said Mike Nash, corporate vice president of the security business and technology unit at Microsoft.

"The solutions we're announcing today will offer customers additional resources to help protect their PCs against spyware and viruses on an ongoing and predictable basis."

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

:: Geoshell ::

:: Geoshell ::: "Geoshell is a replacement shell for windows to replace the Explorer interface. It features geoBars that can be placed anywhere. It also has plugins that other developers make to add functionality. You can see some screenshots in our Desktops section. "

Windows Tips: Free Software Fills In

We all know that Windows is far from perfect--and developers may know that best of all. Thankfully, they also have the tools to fix those imperfections and share their ingenuity with us. When we're really lucky, the developers give their software away for free, though some creators do ask for donations. If there's a gap or two in your computing tool kit, one of these fabulous freebies might fill it.

Backing Up Ain't Hard To Do

There are many backup programs, but few as elegant and powerful as SyncBack from 2BrightSparks:
As its name suggests, SyncBack has two primary functions: backing up and restoring data (copying in one direction), and synchronizing folders (copying in both directions to make the contents of two folders identical). You can set up profiles for common backup or synchronization chores and run them automatically with the program's scheduling feature.

SyncBack works with network drives, FTP servers, and CD or DVD drives (as long as you preformat the disks using the Universal Disk Format, or UDF, which is a newer way to format CDs and DVDs). The program e-mails you its log file automatically when your backup is done. It also shuts down any applications you specify before beginning, and it can launch applications before or after it finishes. Unlike some backup programs (including the backup software built into some versions of Windows), SyncBack can compress files using the standard .zip format. This lets you easily find and retrieve a single file inside an archive without having to navigate through a backup program. SyncBack's elegant design offers easy and expert modes. The program is a snap to customize, too.

Folder Shortcuts in a Hurry

How to create shortcuts to folders that will make them open where and how the user wants. Though Windows provides this capability, creating the shortcuts in Windows may entail setting up messy command-line switches that are nearly impossible to remember. To solve the problem you can install SnapFolders 2005: Right-click any folder to create a shortcut via the context menu, or launch the utility from its own shortcut to see a dialog box where you can specify shortcut preferences. SnapFolders puts the shortcut on your Start menu or on a submenu. The program doesn't offer every possible tweak that the command-line approach does, but it saves time and trouble.

Destroy Duplicates

Does your hard disk have duplicate files? I'm not talking about backups, but rather, useless copies of the same file that you may have unknowingly downloaded or created multiple times. DoubleKiller can help you find out
Despite some quirks in its interface (you need to start with the second tab before you can use the first one, for example), the program can search various drives for the file types you specify, hunting for files of the same name, size, date, and/or CRC32-checksums (a means of checking file contents). After completing the search, DoubleKiller gives you tools for launching, moving, or deleting the duplicate files it finds. And the utility's Help tab provides a brief instruction manual to get you started.

Right-Away Renaming

You just dumped 10,000 photos from your digital camera onto your hard drive, including a potpourri of memories from birthdays, weddings, vacations, and your personal rubber-band collection. How will you ever keep them straight? Bulk Rename Utility to the rescue:
Launch BRU from its Start menu icon, or right-click the folder containing the files you want to rename. The utility's settings look a little complicated, but the numbered and highlighted sections indicate the order in which options (if any) will be applied. The result of this complexity is a great deal of power, not just for searching and replacing or for adding dates or numbers, but also for such features as appending the folder name or placing renamed copies in a folder of your choosing. BRU's Tip of the Day helps you learn features gradually. Like most good file utilities, BRU shows you a preview of your new file names to avoid unhappy surprises.

Super Sorting

Now that you've renamed all your photos and other files, do you really want a bazillion of them to occupy the same folder? One way to organize a large number of files is to create folders for each letter of the alphabet (that is, a folder named 'A', another named 'B', and so on), and move your files into those folders based on each file's name. Unfortunately, this process can be tedious. Luckily for you, File Sieve will automate the work:
The program creates 27 folders (one for each letter of the alphabet, plus '#' for files starting with numbers and symbols) in the location of your choice, and it copies or moves files into the alphabetically correct location. Once you've created the folders, you can run File Sieve to move or copy additional files, without creating the folders anew.

File-Management Muscle

Long ago a Windows program called File Manager showed multiple drives and folders in its parent window so we didn't have to keep switching between, and manually rearranging, multiple Explorer windows. FileAnt takes us back to this golden age with a powerful yet nimble file-management tool that opens multiple folders at once (accessible via tabs) and displays two at a time via its tiling option:
The program has built-in viewers for previewing files without opening separate application windows, as well as its own FTP client, a pie chart diagram that shows the size of folders, custom folder icons, and folder synchronization. It even has an MP3 player you can access from its tray-icon menu. Prettier file utilities are available, but few are as powerful as FileAnt. The app is styled "free donationware," meaning that donations are encouraged but not required.

Find That File

Looking for a needle of a file in a hard-drive haystack? Sometimes Windows' built-in search tool simply isn't up to the job. Fortunately, Mythicsoft has given us Agent Ransack, a free version of its FileLocator Pro file-search utility:
Agent Ransack relies on the usual DOS wild cards or on more-robust regular expressions to search for your files. Don't know what a regular expression is? Just click the Search Wizard button to have the program walk you through the steps for specifying the necessary parameters. For even more criteria, check the utility's Expert User option. Agent Ransack even saves your previous search criteria and your past search results, too. What's not to like?

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Front Page News (headlines from around the world).

Front Page News (headlines from around the world).

Easy PDF to Text Converter - Convert PDF to Text, Word, Html.

Easy PDF to Text Converter - Convert PDF to Text, Word, Html.: "Easy PDF to Text Converter can extract text from pdf files -- it does NOT need Adobe Acrobat software. Easy PDF to Text Converter processes at very high speed and you can convert multiple pdf files to text files at one time."

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Top 5 Free Multimedia Apps

These are five apps. that over-deliver on their ability to make digital audio, video, and photo content a joy to consume.
Links with thanks to Jake Ludington

1. Zero-Assumption Image Recovery
There's nothing worse than losing data. When the data is family photos, recovering them may save more than just memories. This app recovers image files from a variety of drive sources, including hard drives, flash cards and other removable media.

2. Audacity
Multi-track audio editing isn't for everyone, but this is by far the best free audio editing app I've ever used. Support for VST plugins makes it infinitely extensible, with plenty of onboard features for most users to record music, spoken word or anything else.

3. Picasa
I personally use Picture It to manage all my photos because I like the integration with several other apps I use. Picasa is far more elegant and is the closest thing Windows users have to iPhoto, which remains the Cadillac of image managers.

4. FFDShow
With a better DivX codec than DivX and MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 support, this is one of the most stable tools for playing back video files available. If you download movies on a regular basis, you need this codec pack.

5. Photo Story 3
Microsoft already had a great product with Photo Story 2, but version 3 takes it to the next level. Support for more types of audio, an audio generation tool, and more output formats makes this the photo slideshow app I recommend. A legit copy of Windows XP is required.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader
Free software to enhance information exchange using Adobe PDF files

Adobe� Reader� 7.0 is free software that enables business professionals and home users to reliably share information using intelligent PDF files. With Adobe Reader 7.0, you can easily view, print, and search PDF files using a variety of platforms and devices.

With a growing list of rich features, this new version of familiar Adobe Reader software:

* Provides better overall performance for faster launch times and real-time zooming and panning
* Enables you to fill out and submit PDF forms from a variety of devices

Adobe Reader 7.0 system requirements

* Intel� Pentium� processor
* Microsoft� Windows 2000 with Service Pack 2, Windows XP Professional or Home Edition, or Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
* 128MB of RAM
* Up to 90MB of available hard-disk space
* Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher


* PowerPC� G3 processor
* Mac OS X v.10.2.8 or 10.3
* Up to 35MB of RAM
* Up to 125MB of available hard-disk space