Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Sitter Downers Soundboard

The Sitter Downers SoundBoard


The SoundBoard loads up to twelve .wav files, and allows you to play them at the click of a button. Each sound clips can be renamed have its volume set, and a position chosen. This configuration can be saved, and loaded so that your SFX are always instantly available and at the correct volume and position. Six "favourite" sound schemes can be chosen so that they can be quickly retrieved.

Multiple sounds can be played at a time, and the sound can be paused or stopped. Different colour schemes can be chosen to distinguish between multiple instances of the application. Each SFX has its duration displayed, and whilst playing either the time elapsed, or the time remaining can be shown.


  What is Snippy?

How often have you carefully selected some text from a Web page and copied it to an email message? Snippy makes this a snap! Simply click on the little Snippy icon in the taskbar notification area, and mark out the region of the screen that you want to copy — that's it, you're done! The cut-out image will now be in your clipboard, and you can paste it in another application.

If you are cutting out a portion of an Internet Explorer window, the URL will also be copied to the clipboard; this makes it very convenient to select something interesting on a Web site and send it out in an email message.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

COPERNIC Desktop Search


New: Copernic Desktop Search 2.0

Copernic Desktop Search--my favorite (and free) searching tool--has been upgraded. I like it even better than before for a number of reasons. The redesigned interface is cleaner and easier to follow. For example, the different search file categories--e-mail, files, music, images, contacts, Internet Favorites, and History--are better in the new version. I can immediately see exactly how many hits were found in each category. And creating and saving custom searches is blessedly easy. The "as you type" search function is cool, too.

If you're not familiar with CDS, here's a brief rundown.

CDS looks into files--Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint docs, PDFs, and other files, such as e-mail messages (including Eudora), as well as videos and pictures. I can search on specific file types, say Word docs, or for exact words within files. The program uses an index of files on the PC in order to make searches nearly instantaneous; it updates itself while the system is idle.

The last version automatically installed itself to the taskbar at the bottom of my desktop as a new toolbar. I wasn't pleased that it did so without asking, and I promptly removed it. The new version, however, gives you an option. If you inadvertently install the features, right-click any empty portion of the taskbar, highlight Toolbars, and click Copernic Desktop Search.

Ann C., a reader, raves about it: "Copernic lets me do something others that I have tried do not--it lets me customize the extensions to be searched, and add the ones I use into the search parameters. Since I continue to use some Lotus programs that are not supported by anyone anymore, this feature sold me on Copernic."

You can read more about Copernic Desktop Search--and download it--from the company's site:
Copernic Technologies

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tonys Game Space

 Welcome to my Game Space! This is where you'll be able to see my favorite games and find out what I think about them. Want to get your own page? Click on the Get Started button to sign up for free at My Big Fish Games!There are games for ALL tastes and you can get two of them free if you sign up for your own spase

Monday, September 18, 2006


Alien Terrain

This free Palm game (for OS4.x or above) puts you to work dodging asteroids and shooting down oncoming enemy craft as you scroll up the screen in each level. Several weapon types and enemy units, an autofire option, and customizable button controls keep things interesting and fun, at least for the duration of a train ride home after work.




MIXXX  is a cross-platform DJ program that lets you mix MP3, OGG, WAV and AIFF music files using a crossfader, tri-band equalizer, cue points plus customisable control of knobs and sliders using keyboard shortcuts or hardware MIDI devices such as music keyboards or control surfaces.

The left side of the program has controls for tracks being played on channel 1 and the right side has controls for channel 2. Playback controls are fairly straightforward, with independent track volume sliders and buttons for stop, pause/play, fast forward, rewind, tempo adjustment (slower/faster), and gain (volume boost). Each channel also has controls to adjust the low, mid and high frequencies of the track being played, ideal for smoothly mixing any kind of track.

Each channel displays the waveform of each track as it plays, which helps you gauge if a track is going to go ambient or kick in. This area also displays a track's estimated beats per minute (bpm/tempo), title/artist, current position (in minutes) and estimated beat markers (the blue dots). By right-clicking on the waveform you can zoom in even closer, and left-clicking before dragging the mouse left or right allows you to cycle a track backwards or forwards.

The controls in the middle of the program include a master volume and left/right speaker balance, headphone controls and the trusty cross fader. At full left, the cross fader will play only channel 1. At full right, only channel 2 and anywhere between will mix the two.

Windows Media Player 11 BETA

WMP 11 Beta 2 (US ONLY) offers access to more online stores and lets users share content across various devices.

Microsoft has now made Beta 2 of Windows Media Player 11 available to download.

While Beta 1 allowed users to purchase music from MTV Networks' Urge service, Beta 2 introduces a host of other online music services such as eMusic, VidZone and Music Giants, bringing the total number of online stores that a user can access from within the software to 14.

Microsoft has also added Windows Media Connect functionality to the player, as a new feature called Media Sharing. Windows Media Connect allows users to stream the content of their Windows Media Player library to networked devices such as the Xbox 360.

More information about how to use Windows Media Connect and what digital receivers support the technology can be found here.

Thursday, September 14, 2006





DVD Shrink is software to backup DVD discs. You can use this software in conjunction with DVD burning software of your choice, to make a backup copy of any DVD video disc.

DVD Shrink will also burn your backup DVD, if you have installed the latest version of Nero or if you download CopytoDVD. You can also download a demo version of Nero here. If you already possess alternative burning software and prefer to stick with it, then you can still use DVD Shrink. The output from DVD Shrink can be saved as files on your hard drive, which you can then burn with software of your choice.

DVD Shrink is free software. You should never pay for DVD Shrink.

DVD Shrink - DVD Ripping and Backup
Latest Version -
Operating System Support - Windows 9x/2000/XP
License - Freeware

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Google Page Creator

Create your own web pages, quickly and easily.

Google Page Creator is a free online tool that makes it easy for anyone to create and publish useful, attractive web pages in just minutes.

* No technical knowledge required.
Build high-quality web pages without having to learn HTML or use complex software.

* What you see is what you'll get.
Edit your pages right in your browser, seeing exactly how your finished product will look every step along the way.

* Don't worry about hosting.
Your web pages will live on your own site at