Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Windows Vista

Be among the first to experience the clarity that Windows Vista can bring to your world.

Desktop Graffitist

Desktop Graffitist is a small program that enables you to spray paint your desktop, and anything else that might appear onscreen. DG is designed for recreation and creativity, and can be used to relieve office stress and boredom.
Aside from the added bonus of allowing you to vent on that stupid monthly report or the latest homework assignment, the program is also good for leaving messages on other people's computers that they can't miss (love notes, hate notes, grocery lists, and art/graffiti/vandalism, ...).
It's simple, relaxing, addictive, free, and totally fun!

Thursday, June 08, 2006


ShortCutter is a small program (or folder) launcher. Its interface is design to be fast and effective. When running, it stays in the system tray which it waits to be activated through a user-defined hotkey.
Then it immediately launches and the small squared interface pops up centering the mouse pointer to the center of the application. From there the user has a set of choices all gathered around the mouse pointer. A center button minimizes the program back to the system tray. Around this button there are four smaller buttons. The top left and top right buttons navigate through the Shortcut Groups which are configured from the Settings Window where the user selects which Shortcut Button will launch what. The bottom left closes the program and the bottom right opens the Settings window.
All these button so far activate an action by mouse-clicking. The best part of the program is that the actual Shortcut Buttons (which are located Top-Left, Top, Top-Right, Left, Right, Bottom-Left, Bottom, Bottom-Right around the program window) triggers the action by mouse over. After that, it minimizes to the system tray again.



Saturday, June 03, 2006


Keep the little guy in Pendulumeca in motion and avoid getting caught in the jagged teeth at the bottom