Friday, November 07, 2008

Freeware: FxFoto

Serious Creativity Made Simple

Created by graphics pros with decades of experience,
FxFoto has over one million users worldwide. 
FxFoto's editing and layout capabilities rival or surpass
programs like Photoshop Elements™. 
Yet FxFoto is much easier to learn and use. 
Plus it's backed by our industry-leading support,
with real people

providing real answers.

Organize Your Photos

FxFoto's unique user interface allows you to instantly browse and locate
all your photos in a single scrolling window. 
Find your photos fast the visual way.

  • Organize your photos by folder.
  • View all photos in the convenient scrolling pane.
  • Easy Timeline with one-click access to all photo folders.
  • Open and collapse folders to view one at a time.
  • Search and sort photos by assigned keywords or dates.
  • Move photos between topics or reorder by dragging them.
  • Combine photos into encapsulated collages and shows.
  • Archive photos to CD for safe keeping or to save space.
  • Media Edition can securely lock folders with passwords.

FxFoto automatically imports photos from virtually all digital cameras. 
Just connect the camera, press Import and choose the photos you want. 
Or import from CD-ROM, camera memory cards and other devices.


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