Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Riversimple. Cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells

Riversimple Web Site

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Riversimple is a revolutionary transport company, based in the UK. We are aiming to produce highly energy-efficient vehicles for personal transport.

Our vision is to create a cleaner world where our relationship with the car and fossil fuels has changed dramatically for the better, with new solutions in place for sustainable mobility. The reduction of impact is insufficient as a goal; whilst we know that we will not achieve it soon, we want to ensure that everything that we do is a step towards the elimination of the environmental impact of personal transport.

Our first project, a two seat local car, is powered by

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with a novel design (that we refer to as ‘Network Electric’) and made from advanced composites; the design emphasis is on efficiency and it achieves energy consumption equivalent to 300 miles per gallon on petrol. See ‘the car’ section for more information on how it works.