Saturday, September 26, 2009

Letter to Lily Allen


A  guy on the Internet, Dan Bull, wrote a nifty letter to Lily Allen in the wake of her quitting the music business over illegal filesharing. SEE UPDATE BELOW

The song is just genius. He sings the song to the tune of her own song, “22″. Check it out,

I MUST point out though that although his song is good I do not agree with him. For me Lily Allen can do nothing wrong and her Music is FANTASTIC. That she writes a lot of the songs herself,shows just how good she is. AND she deserves the money that she makes.

UPDATE For ALL those broken hearted fans out there Lily IS NOT quitting music or so I am led to undrstand.

Good girl Lily KEEP SINGING

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I wish she would act on her many threats to quit music, and do us all a favour!

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