Monday, December 22, 2008

YouTube lets you turn videos into greeting cards

YouTube lets you turn videos into greeting cards

For the second year, YouTube
on Friday unveiled a holiday feature that lets users create hosted
video cards to send to friends and family. Users can select this option
from any YouTube video, or from a special page that houses selected community videos and links to a user's own clips.

There's also an option to make a more personalized greeting straight
from a connected Webcam. For now, only one video can be attached to a
given greeting card.

When users are finished picking a video for use in a greeting card,
they can choose from a handful of themes that house the video player,
then add up to 230 characters of text and send the complete card to up
to 25 e-mail recipients.

According to YouTube's company blog, more than a million of these greetings were sent out last year, before the feature disappeared in January.

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