Saturday, October 25, 2008

You only need One home page

That you only need One home page is not exactly true. Firstly for those who do not have a home page or do not know what one is, lets just say that  its ONE site that opens when you open your Browser and it contains links to all the other sites that you use on a regular basis. My own Favourite is called Only2Clicks and I have been using it now since it first came online. I WILL keep it as my Favourite tool for reaching other sites, however there is now a new kid on the block called Symbaloo and after playing round with it I am going to use it in conjunction with Only2Clicks just in case one of the sites goes offline for whatever reason.
Try them out for yourselves.You  will not be dissapointed.

PS You can get the sites to open WITH your browser by going to the tools menu then options.

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